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CAKE responses to Browser/Ajax lead posts


This article will provide the following:

- A list of possible responses when a lead is submitted to CAKE using the browser method or ajax method


When a lead is submitted through to CAKE using the browser method or ajax method, CAKE's servers will send back a response that can be parsed out and interpreted on the page.  Below is a list of the possible responses.  These do not include server post responses or custom validation response texts.


Inactive Affiliate
Inactive Sub Affiliate
Inactive Offer
Inactive Campaign
Inactive Creative
Offer Expired
Creative Expired
Offer Over Click Cap
Offer Over Lead Cap
Campaign Over Click Cap
Campaign Over Lead Cap
Geotarget Mismatch
Blocked IP Address
Affiliate Not Authorized for Campaign
Duplicate Lead
Lead Missing Data
Unmatched Filter
No Pay IP Address
No Pay Affiliate
No Pay Campaign
No Pay Sub Affiliate
Blocked by Targus
No Pay Targus
Validation Failed
Invalid Post Key
No Qualified Buyers Found
Campaign Expired
Blacklisted Affiliate
Blacklisted Sub Affiliate


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