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How to Point to Multiple Creatives Within One Creative


This article will cover the following:

- How to point to multiple different creatives in 1 creative

The Scenario

What if you have a creative that needs to point to different landing pages?

For example, a travel website has an email newsletter promoting 3 booking options: 1) flights, 2) hotels and 3) flight + hotel packages. We can do that!

1. First, from Offer Card> Creatives tab - Add Creative, add a link creative for each of your different landing pages.  Each of these link creatives will have a link override that goes to the respective LP.  You can see in the image below, how each of the link creatives point to a different landing page.

2. Second, add the creative as you normally would.  In our example, it's the 'Newsletter' email creative in our image above

3. Here comes the hardest part.  You're going to edit your creative and point each of the #url# tokens to a different creative which requires a little bit of manual work.  You're going to add <c=CREATIVE_ID> into the token so instead of #url#, it looks like #url<c=CREATIVE_ID>#.

Comparing the image on the right with the creative list on the left, you can see that we're referencing the 3 different link creatives.

This setup allows you to:

  1. distribute 1 creative with multiple different links to maximize user experience - ensuring that users have to self-navigate less and hopefully convert more
  2. leverage the creative-summary reporting to see which link(s) users are clicking on


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