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State & City Targeting Using Rules


This article will cover the following:

- Applying Rules

- Creating New Rules

- Adding Location Rule Target

- Specifying Regions

Applying Rules

While Geo-targeting allows you to do country-level targeting, the Rules feature allows you to target traffic at the state/region level.

The set up is extremely similar to Geo-targeting utilizing Offer Contracts or Offer redirects, but the set up is slightly different.

Open an Offer card and click the Traffic tab. By default, the first option shown is Targeting. In the drop down menu below, select Rules and hit Apply.

Once you've applied Rules, click the New Rules button.

Create New Rule

Create New Rule

A new Card will open to create your new rule.

Enter the name of this rule.

Check the "Active" box to enable this rule.

Select your redirect Offer/Offer Contract.

In the Add Rule Target drop down menu, select Location.

Add Location Rule Target

Add Location Rule Target

A new card will open to select your location(s).

Click the globe icon next to the country to find a listing of local regions (e.g. states or provinces).

Specify Regions

Specify Regions

Select the local region(s) that you would like to redirect to your designated Offer Contract/Offer Redirect.

For this example, we only want to accept California traffic to our default offer contract and redirect all non-California traffic to the "Non-California" offer contract.

Instead of adding all States except California to the list of items being redirected, you can simply add California to the list and the check the box,  "Items NOT selected..." at the top to exclude California from the redirect.

Click the Save button when you are done adding your regions and then click the Create button on the Rules card.

NEW City level targeting

The latest release of our Location-based targeting is we now go down to city level targeting. Simply drill down to the next level and you can be more granularly specific with the targeting.

As with all geo-targeting, note that while we take all steps to ensure the accuracy of the location, IPs are bought, sold or simply redeployed and therefore their locations can change over time. Once you get down to city-level targeting movement between cities is more common than between state or country. We utilise the biggest, most up to date database of locations from the most respected provider in the space to minimise inaccuracies, but we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.


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