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Future Dated Payouts


This article will cover the following:

  • What are Future Dated Payouts?
  • How to implement Future Dated Payouts
  • How to report on Future Dated Payouts
  • How to apply Alerts for Future Dated Payouts

What are Future Dated Payouts?

Future dated payouts allow you to make scheduled price changes for either the price received (Offer card) or the payout (Offer card and Campaign card).  These scheduled changes will take place at a future date that you select.

Adding a future dated payout to the Campaign card

Open a Campaign card > click on the Payouts tab to schedule a price update and enter the start date, start time, price, and notes.

In some circumstances, there will be an end date for a future dated payout.  In this scenario, create a new future dated payout that defines when the payout returns to the default, or when it changes again.

Adding a future dated price received on the Offer card

You can also add future dated price changes at the Offer Contract level.  To add a new payout or price received for a future date, go to the Offer card > Contracts Tab.  Simply choose the contract you would like to modify by clicking on the pencil and notepad icon.  If you would like to change the payout, click on the payout sub tab and enter the date, amount, time and notes.  If you would like to change the price received, click on the price received sub tab and enter the date, amount, time and notes.  Your new price is now scheduled.

**Please note that scheduling a future dated payout in the offer contract DOES NOT update live existing campaigns.** To update existing campaigns go to the campaign card to schedule the future dated payout.**

Reporting on  scheduled price changes

Reporting these changes will be available within your Affiliates tab.  Simply click on the Affiliates main tab > Custom Payouts sub tab.  Here you can filter the report by “Future Dated Payouts” and see all of your scheduled payouts start dates and payout end dates.

Setting up alerts for future dated price changes

Alerts can be set up to send out emails regarding approaching future dated payouts and applied future dated payouts.

To Add a new Alert, click on the Setup main tab > Alerts sub tab.  \L Choose the Employee Alert section then simply click on the "Add New Alert" button in the upper right corner.

Add alert

Choose the type of Alert you would like to create for future dated payouts under the "Adjustment" section.

The example below reflects the Future Dated Payout Approaching Alert.

Assign the alert

Select who or what you want to have trigger the Alert.

Select specific affiliates, sub affiliates, offers, campaigns, verticals, etc by using the icons to the left.  Simply select the green button to add.  To exclude an item from triggering this alert, select the red button.  The options you select will show under "current items" to the right.  To remove, you can select the green arrow to the right of "current items".

Edit email template for alert

Edit email template for alert

As the final step, name the alert and modify the template to your needs.


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