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Updated May 14, 2020

This article will cover the following:

- The workflow hierarchy in the CAKE platform

- Redirect workflow

Workflow Overview

Workflow Overview

CAKE is often referred to as a pyramid in regards to the workflow because there is a hierarchy of how things function.  Settings at the vertical level will affect traffic but can be overridden in the offer which can also be overridden in the campaign.

Best Practice: When creating a Campaign, the following process should be followed to ensure proper setup. The Vertical and Advertiser should be created first because the Offer requires both. The Campaign is the final destination, marrying the Affiliate to the Offer.

CAKE Workflow - Redirect

CAKE Workflow - Redirect

Under normal circumstances, an affiliate’s unique link will redirect directly to the offer link

There are several circumstances that would either cause a user to be redirected to the offer redirect or directly to the global redirect. The user will redirect to the vertical redirect if no offer redirect is present. The offer and vertical redirect are offers whereas the global redirect is simply a link.


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