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How Do I Place Conversion Pixels in the Affiliate Portal?


1. This Article Will Help You

  • Place Conversion Pixels in the Affiliate Portal
  • Test Campaigns from the CAKE Affiliate Portal

2. Section 1: How to Place a Conversion Pixel

To place a Conversion Pixel from within the Affiliate Portal, complete the following steps:

  1. Click on the Offers sub-tab on the left navigation.
  2. Search for the Offer you wish to place a pixel for.
  3. Click on the Offer Name hyperlink to open the Offer card.
  4. Click on the Testing & Tracking tab.
  5. Place your Conversion HTML Pixel or Postback URL.
  6. Click Save.

On the Testing & Tracking tab of the Offer card within the Affiliate portal, the fields below will be available:

  • Test Link:  A tracking link or specified testing URL from your tracking system that will test the redirect of clicks to the CAKE Unique Tracking Link.
  • Postback URL:  Your Postback URL (server pixel). Be sure to insert the token for the parameter you are passing your user identifier value in. For example, in CAKE this value is the Request ID and should be placed in an additional tracking parameter, such as s2. In your Postback URL, you should use the token, #s2# to receive the Request ID back upon conversion.
  • Postback Delay (ms): If you are placing a Postback URL and HTML Pixel and would like to delay the fire of the Postback URL, you can add in the milli-second delay here.
  • Pixel HTML: This is the container to place your HTML Pixel (iFrame, Javascript or Image).

CAKE Tokens will be available to pass dynamic values back to your tracking system through the Conversion Pixel. The most common token to place in your Conversion Pixel is the Lead ID, #leadid#. This token will pass CAKE's Conversion ID back to your tracking system upon conversion which can be used for reconciling reports.

3. Section 2: How To Test Campaigns

To test a Campaign from the Affiliate Portal after placing the Test Link and Conversion Pixel, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Offer card in the Affiliate Portal
  2. Go to the Testing & Tracking tab of the Offer card
  3. Click on the Test Offer button to open the Testing Instructions page.


From the Testing Instructions page, complete the following steps:

  1. Clear any existing CAKE Cookies on your browser by clicking the Clear button
  2. Enable Test Mode by clicking on the Turn On action button, it should say Currently On in green.
  3. Click on the Test Link URL. This will be your Test Link if you've placed one within the Affiliate portal or the CAKE Unique Tracking link if you have not.
  4. Follow any Testing Instructions provided by the Advertiser to convert on the Offer.


Once you've completed the steps required to convert on the Offer, return to the CAKE Testing Instructions page.

  1. Click on the See The Results button.
  2. Verify CAKE tracked your click under the Click Info section.
  3. If a Conversion was tracked successfully, Conversion Info should appear including the Conversion timestamp and Unique ID
  4. Be sure that Affiliate Pixel Fired: Yes is displayed, which tells you that CAKE fired your Conversion Pixel.

If you placed the Lead ID token in your Conversion Pixel (#leadid#), the conversion tracked in your system should include the Unique ID value that is displayed within the Conversion Info section.

Note: If you are trying to test a creative with a specific tracking link, please refer to this Knowledge Base article.  


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