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International Offers and Offer Contracts


This article will cover the following:

  • Overview of offer contracts
  • How to setup an international offer with offer contracts

Overview of offer contracts

CAKE has a clever and efficient way of handling international offers.  If you have an international offer that shares the same creatives but has different landing pages or pricing, the following setup will allow you to accomplish the following:

  1. Provide your advertiser with only one conversion pixel
  2. Provide your affiliate with only one tracking link
  3. Only have to create one offer in CAKE

How to setup an international offer with offer contracts

The first step in the process of setting up an international offer with offer contracts is to create the offer.

Hover over your main Advertisers tab > go down to Offers > click Add Offer and complete the wizard.

The above example is an international offer that allows traffic from the US, AU and CA.

Offer card > Traffic tab > Targeting

Once your offer is created, open the Offer card > go to the Traffic tab > and then select the Targeting button.  From the drop down, select Geo and select the checkboxes for the allowed countries then click Allow selected, thus allowing traffic from these countries.

(Note: If you were redirecting to separate offers these countries would NOT be allowed.  Since we are using offer contracts in this example, the allowed destination is within the offer setup - specifically offer contracts so while they may not be allowed directly on the default offer contract, they are allowed on other offer contracts within the same offer - which is why they are allowed in this example)

Offer card > Contracts tab

Next, we'll leverage the use of offer contracts to make country-specific landing pages for where you'll be redirecting international traffic to.

On the Offer card > Contracts tab > click the Add button.

Here we will be creating an offer contract for each country that is allowed.  In the above example I have labeled each offer contract by the country that is allowed and modified the landing pages and thank you link to exemplify where the traffic is going to go.  Once the offer contracts have been added they will need to be modified to allow traffic from the appropriate countries using the GeoTargeting tool.

Implementing redirects

Now that offer contracts have been setup, we can use them as redirects within the traffic section.

To do this, go to your Traffic tab > Targeting > select Geo from the drop down.

Then double click on the allowed country and select the appropriate offer contract.

The affiliate will require a campaign for each offer contract to attribute traffic accordingly.  CAKE is smart enough, however, to auto create a campaign for each additional offer contract upon the first click from a different country than the one the affiliate has a campaign for.  This allows you to only have to make one single campaign for the affiliate initially.

Offer card > Campaigns tab

The end result allows you to provide your affiliate one single tracking link.  CAKE will recognize which offer contract the traffic should go to based on the consumer's IP address and redirect them to corresponding offer contract.  When CAKE redirects to the other offer contract CAKE will not look at the GeoTargeting on the redirect offer contract.


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