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Updated May 27, 2014

This article will cover the following:

  • Lead card > Lead Information
  • Lead card > Dispositions
  • Lead card > Buyers

Lead card > Lead Info

The Lead card > Lead Info tab houses 3 mini-tabs:

  • Personal Information
  • Sale Info
  • Vertical Specific

As well as these tabs you'll there is a few other pieces of helpful information on the Lead Information tab.

1. Lead ID: This is the unique ID of this lead.  Lead ID's are generated randomly as new leads enter the system.  Lead ID's are searchable in the primary search engine, which proves to be helpful when needing to view the lead details, adjusting cost or applying a new disposition.

2. Change Price: Within every lead is the ability to change the price that was paid.  Click the Change Price button and the Change Conversion Price wizard will open.

Simply type in the new cost in the price paid box and click submit.  This will be updated in reporting immediately.\L  Optionally, the change in price can be applied to a bill that has already been generated or applied to a future bill using the "Apply To Bill" drop down.

Beyond that, a lead can also be placed into different categories or dispositions.  Dispositions can be used for grouping leads into different buckets or for accounting purposes.

Notes are a handy way of keeping track as to why the change was made and will be accessible in the conversion report under the note column.

3. Consumer History: The Consumer History area is a great place to see just that.  If you are also using the affiliate side of CAKE you will see the lead's history from the click, to the sale and any edits made to the lead.

The history tab will also provide the exact form parameters used to create the lead and any/all responses from your buyers.

Clicking the hyperlinked response is a great tool to see exactly how your buyer responds.  This is an effective troubleshooting tool as well if your buyer is providing an Unknown response.

Lead card > Lead Info > Personal Information

Lead card > Lead Info > Personal Information

The Lead Information tab will contain any data collected from CAKE's basic fields.  Basic fields are shared across all verticals.

This data can be modified by simply editing the individual text boxes and clicking Save.  The edit will appear on the Consumer History tab as well.

Any custom fields that were added to the vertical will be available in the Vertical Specific tab.

Additionally, clicking on one of the 3 search engine icons will open the lead's address in a new web browser.

Lead card > Lead Info > Sale Info

Lead card > Lead Info > Sale Info

Ultimately the Sale Info tab will reveal how much you made on the lead and how much was paid out for the lead.

Beyond that, additional tracking information can also be found here such as sub ID's and whether the affiliate's pixel fired.

*Note - Only sub ID 1 is functional for server posted leads.  Sub ID 2-5 are available if the lead originated from an affiliate tracking link where S2-S5 had values associated to them.  The same applies to the Referrer URL and Pixel Fired.

Lead card > Lead Info > Vertical Specific

Lead card > Lead Info > Vertical Specific

The Vertical Specific tab contains any data collected in fields created specifically from the vertical the lead originated from.

Like the Personal Information tab, lead information can be edited here.  If the lead has been modified while still in the Queue, CAKE will attempt to sell the lead due to the change in information.

Lead card > Dispositions

Lead card > Dispositions

Dispositions are intended to bring insight to the overall quality of the lead.

Dispositions will include why a lead was not paid for due to a filter on your vertical or why a lead was sent to the Review Queue / Scrub Queue.\L  Examples vary from missing data or specific validation such as "US Zip Code Matches IP Location".

A lead with no disposition assumes a clean and high quality lead based on the various filters and validators it went through.


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