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How to Approve / Reject Pending Affiliates


Pending Affiliates are Affiliates who have signed up to be part of your Network through CAKE's default Affiliate signup form or a custom Affiliate signup form that leverages the Affiliate Signup API.

This article covers:

  • How to approve pending Affiliates
  • How to reject pending Affiliates
  • How to access rejected Affiliates and how to return to Pending status

Pending Affiliate Queue

Pending Affiliates will enter your CAKE instance through either the signup page that CAKE provides or through a custom signup page your company has built using our API.

Once an Affiliate has submitted their details, they will show up in the "Pending Affiliate Queue."

To access the Pending Affiliate Queue: Affiliate Main Tab > Pending Sub Tab > Affiliates

Expanding Affiliate Data

Once in the Pending Affiliate Queue, you will want to expand the Affiliate to view all of the data they submitted on your signup form.

To do this, simply click the plus box to the left of the Affiliate's name.

Doing so will reveal their contact details and any other information provided upon submission.

Approving the Affiliate

If you want to approve the Affiliate and accept them into your network, click the "Approve" button located to the right of the Affiliate's details.

Doing so will trigger an automated email sent from CAKE to your Affiliate letting them know they have been accepted.

Approving the Affiliate will also open their Affiliate card automatically.

Rejecting the Affiliate

If you want to reject the Affiliate, simply click the "Reject" button.  

An automated email will be sent from CAKE to your Affiliate letting them know that they have not been accepted to your network.

Accessing Rejected Affiliates

Often times, you will want to access your rejected Affiliates. You might even want to send a rejected Affiliate back into a "Pending" status.

To do this, click on the "Show Rejected Affiliates" button. Doing so will reveal a list of all rejected Affiliates.

Return To Pending

As mentioned, you may want to access rejected Affiliates for the purpose of putting them back into a "Pending" status.

To do this, click the "Return To Pending" link to the right of the rejected Affiliate.


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