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This article will cover the following:

- How to setup Suppression Lists in CAKE

- Suppression List Access in the Affiliate Portal

Adding a Suppression List

Suppression List: A list of e-mail addresses that need to be excluded from receiving e-mails; this list enables e-mail senders to stay CAN-SPAM compliant.

1. Open an Advertiser card > Select the Suppression List tab > Click 'Add Suppression List'

The Suppression Lists tab allows a user to upload a static link hosted suppression list or a list that is integrated with either UnsubCentral, Optizmo or Ezepo.


Add Suppression List Wizard

Primary Offer: This will provide a list of offers related to the advertiser for the purpose of applying this new Suppression List to the offer. This list may also be applied to other offers from the same advertiser from the offer directly.

List Name:  The Name you would like to call this particular suppression file

Stored in MD5 Only:  This option is a storage setting only, NOT a distribution format and only stores an MD5 version of the suppression list. If selected, plain text version of the suppression list will not be stored.

Date Modified:  You can choose the date that this file was last modified

Location:  This tells CAKE what type of suppression file this is and where to get it.  You can choose from a Static Link hosted suppression list or a list that is integrated with either UnsubCentral, Optizmo or Ezepo.

If your advertiser is providing the credentials to their list, place them in this Wizard after selecting either Static Link, UnsubCentral, Optizmo or Ezepo

  • A Static Link will require the URL of where the suppression list is hosted.
  • An UnsubCentral Suppression List will require an API URL and a Parent Hash.
  • If the Optizmo Suppression List is being provided by your Advertiser, click “Received Optizmo Access Key”.  **If the Optizmo Suppression List is your personal list, do not click this check box and CAKE will dynamically integrate directly to Optizmo.

A Suppression List can be modified after it has been built by clicking on the name of the List.

Suppression List in the Affiliate Portal

Once you have added your suppression list in the Advertiser Card and associated it with the Offer, your affiliate will have access to it through the Offer card.  This example shows the link to the Static Link suppression file and its last downloaded date.


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