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Vertical Fields - How To Validate On a Date


This document is specific to our clients who are licensing the Lead Gen platform within CAKE.

The goal of this document is to show how CAKE can apply validation to fields using the Date data type.  Our example will be centered around validating Date Of Birth.

Validating On Date Of Birth

Validating On Date Of Birth

To Validate on a DOB (or other Date-type Field):

1.  Open the Date Field's Validation Box by Clicking on the Field Label.

2.  Choose the correct Validator (does the person need to be Greater Than or Equal OR Less Than or Equal to the Age?).

3.  Choose what you would like to happen for Form Posts and Server Posts (Review, Reject, etc.).

4.  Optional: enter Error-specific Error Test (i.e. "You OLD!").

5.  In the "Compare Value", enter this following syntax (without quotes): 

"datenow,<age_to_compare>" (i.e. datenow,21)


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