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Greystripe Ad Network Integration

Updated Sep 09, 2015

CAKE is a Greystripe certified 3rd party tracking partner. This allows CAKE clients to track traffic from Greystripe’s targeted mobile ads and post back conversions. The following document outlines how to setup your campaign to track mobile app installs.

Who Is This For?

CAKE platform users that want to track clicks and conversions from Greystripe (

What Is Required?

- CAKE instance (

- Greystripe Account (link:

- The app should have CAKE tracking integrated using the SDK or postback (

How Do I Set It Up?

How Do I Set It Up?

1. Setup your offer

Advertisers tab -> offers -> add offer

*Your offer link should direct to your mobile application download. For example:

2. Setup Greystripe as an Affiliate

3. Once you’ve setup the Affiliate, the Affiliate Card will open and you can now add a campaign for the Offer you setup in step #1

Offer Card -> Campaigns Tab -> Add Campaign button

4. Get your link

Your link will look like this:

5. Modify your link and send to Greystripe \LProvide a modified link to your Greystripe account manager by appending the appropriate ‘s5’ parameter that will allow cake to collect a unique identifier when the user clicks.

Example for iOS:{sha1_mac}

Example for Android:{sha1_android_id}

Once the campaigns have been setup by your account manager be sure to get your “appid” or complete post back URL to complete the next step.

6. Setup your Postback URL.

In order for greystripe to approve your campaign you must ensure that your CAKE instance is posting back to Greystripe. You can set this up through the campaign card you created – under the pixel sub-tab.

The Postback for each device type will be different. You can use the url templates below to create your post back. Simply replace [appid] with your unique ‘appid’ provided to you from Greystripe and save to your campaign card.

iOS\L hmid=#s5#&appid=[appid]&action=dl

Android\L \[appid]&action=dl

Once your post back is setup you’re ready to start running traffic.

For more information on Mobile App Tracking check out this article (

Also be sure to check out your pixel log to ensure your tracking is setup properly.


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