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The CAKE Posting Document - Browser HTTP Post


This document will walk you through an explanation of the CAKE Posting Document with HTTP Browser Post selected.

The 2nd option available on the Posting Document is the Browser HTTP Post.

The Browser HTTP Post option will be used when users are redirected to the Hosted Landing Page through a Cake Unique Link.

Unlike the Server Post, the Browser HTTP Post will require that a hidden field called “ckm_offer_id” be hard coded on the landing page.

Cake will track which Affiliate drove the traffic to the landing page through the click of the Cake Unique Link. This is why Cake does not require a campaign_id like the Server Post.

The 2nd section of the Posting Document contains the Posting Instructions.

The HTTP Browser Post requires the Post URL, ckm_offer_id along with a Form Action to be hard coded to the page.

Posting a Test Lead will be the same process as mentioned on the Server Post Posting Document.

The possible responses will also be the same as previously mentioned.


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