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Mobile Targeting - Mobile Vs. Tablet


This article will cover the following:

  • A walk through of various targeting methods available in CAKE
  • A differentiation between mobile and tablet traffic

In order to set a Rule Target for devices in CAKE, you would normally select each device type in the Rules Target list, which is time consuming, but you can save the setup and apply to multiple offers. 

The other method would be to target on a regex User Agent which is quicker, more accurate and a common way to setup if you just want to target Android/ios tablet or phone (see instructions below). \L\LWith that said, if you have the option, targeting at the landing page level is recommended. To do this you would need to detect the the screen resolution of the user.  Most clients do not have this option but you’re more likely to get 100% accuracy.  With the method below you’ll get into the high 90's% depending on the traffic source.  \L\LHow to target tablet only (to target mobile phones you would just set User Agent to match instead of not match):

  1. Go to the Offer card “Traffic" tab
  2. Select “Targeting”
  3. Select “Rules,”  click Apply, then, in the drop down and click “New Rule”
  4. Give your rule a name and select the offer you would like to redirect to (make active and shared if you like)
  5. Add a User agent Match (see image below):  .*(Mobile|mobile|iphone|phone|Phone).*
  6. Add an OS Match (see image below)

Note:  In order to target Windows tablets you would need to search for Windows OS + “Touch” within the User Agent.  This would target any device that is Windows based and has touch enabled which can sometimes include some variants of desktop browser with touch screens. 


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