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The Event Card

Updated Dec 04, 2015

This document will cover the following:

  • The Event Card
  • Pixel Log on Event Card
  • History Tab on Event Card

An Event is a unique type of Conversion inside of CAKE that can happen before or after the Main Conversion. Once an Event has been tracked, CAKE will generate a unique Event Card where details about the Event can be reviewed.

1) Consumer History

The Consumer History area is populated with updates that CAKE receives from pixel calls associated with this Event.

2) Event Information

The Event Information will show all the information received in the pixel parameters when sent into CAKE as well as additional information regarding

Change Price

The Change Price button will allow you to update both Price Paid and Price Received for a particular Event.  We highly recommend that you choose the conversion date as the effective date so that billing is updated correctly.

Pixel Log

The Pixel log will contain a history of pixel calls received for this particular Event.


As with most CAKE cards, the Event card contains a History tab will show an audit of updates for this particular Event.



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