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Creating Alerts


This article will cover the following topics:

- Adding Alerts

- Editing Your Alert

- Viewing Your Alerts

Adding Alerts

To add an Alert, go to Setup>Alerts.  This will take you to a grid of all alerts that have been created. You will see an "Add New Email Alert Notification" button in the top right. Select the Add New Email Alert Notification button.

Choose Type of Alert

Choose Type of Alert

Step 1 will let you select the type of alert you want to create. You can also select who the Alert is for, by selecting either Employees or Affiliates in the drop down.

Additional Options

Step 2 will show additional options, such as "allow other employees to subscribe." For some select Alerts, you will also have the option to restrict your alert to being sent to the Account Manger:

Assign The Alert

Step 3 allows you to select who or what you want to have trigger the alert. You can select specific Affiliates, Sub Affiliates, Offers, Campaigns, Verticals, etc. by using the icons to the left. Simply select the green button to add. To exclude an item from triggering this alert, select the red button. The options you select will show under "current items" to the left. To remove, you can select the green arrow to the right of "current items".

Naming the Alert and Editing Email Template Setup

The final step allows you to name your alert, and create an optional alert template. Once you have finished, hit Save, and you have created your alert.

Viewing Your Alerts

In your Alert Grid, you will be able to see the Send Frequency (how often this alert will be sent), Last Sent Date, Number of Subscribers and if the Alert is intended for Affiliates (Portal). To Edit an Alert that you have created, click on the notepad icon to the right of the Alert you wish to edit. Now that you created your alerts, you and your affiliates can subscribe to receive these alerts.


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