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How to Add Vertical Fields

This article will cover

  • Where and how to add a Vertical Field
  • Where and how to add a Custom Field

From the Vertical Card, the Fields tab will contain the vertical's Basic Fields.  These are the most common fields that are typically collected on a form.  It is extremely important to understand that basic fields are shared across ALL verticals.  Deleting a basic field in one vertical will delete it in ALL verticals.  Similarly, editing the field name will change in ALL verticals.

New fields, however, can be added and removed without any consequence to other verticals.

Vertical card > Fields > Adding a Field (Lead Gen)

To add a new vertical field simply click the Add button.

Label is the explanation to the affiliate of the field you are collecting. It CAN contain spaces.

Name is the exact syntax of how the lead will be submitted to CAKE either from a form or from your affiliate’s server.  It CANNOT contain spaces.  Instead, words are separated by an “_”. (Example: new_field)

Group Fields is a way of receiving 1 field but is being sent into CAKE as multiple fields.  Phone Number is usually collected in 3 separate fields but will ultimately build 1 field called “home_phone”. The affiliate or form may post the fields into CAKE as such: home_area,home_prefix,home_suffix. CAKE will group the 3 fields and make 1 field.

CAKE supports 5 Data Types:

1) String: A string will receive any text sent to CAKE. You can apply a maximum length to a string.

2) Date: A date should be used when your form or affiliate is posting a date.

3) Number: A number is similar to a string except CAKE can create validation or filters using math.

4) List: A list allows for a custom list of values to be built.  Any value other than what is on the list will now be accepted into CAKE. Values on a list can also be mapped to a specific value the buyer requires.

5) Bool: A bool (or boolean) will accept a value of 1 or 0.  It will also accept yes or no.

Maximum Length allows you to place a cap on how many characters are being sent in either a string or list field.

Show In Reports allows you to choose whether the new field should be in the lead detail reports.

Hide From Buyer will not show the new field to the buyer in the Buyer portal.

Vertical card > Custom Fields (Lead Gen)

Vertical card > Custom Fields (Lead Gen)

Custom Fields are fields that are computed from other fields in the vertical.  For example: if you had a number field called "amount", you could create a custom field called half_amount with the formula #amount#/2 which would be computed automatically for you.

To add a custom field click the Add button and proceed creating the custom field, adding the Label, Name, Formula and the Data Type for this field as outlined on the previous step.

For more information on this tab please see the Custom Fields - Forumla Parameters document


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