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If you have added additional domains into your CAKE system with the help of your Account Manager they will be available to use throughout your instance. You can manage these domains by going to Setup>Other Lists> Cookie Domains. In your Setup you can set a cookie domain as your default cookie domain.  When you do this, it will prepopulate on any new Offer you create as the default cookie domain.  If you choose to use a different domain, you can specify that during the Offer creation process.


In addition to the default cookie domain, you can designate a domain for Postbacks only. This will remove that particular domain from the list of potential Cookie domains to be set at the Offer level and isolate it as a domain to be only used for server-side pixel fires. This ensures that the domain you place with your Advertiser remains free from the inherent risks of active affiliate traffic.

NOTE: Your Default Cookie Domain cannot be your Postbacks Only domain and vice versa.

The New Offer wizard contains a dropdown near the bottom of the wizard called Cookie Domain which will set the actual Cookie domain (domain for the tracking link and pixel) for the Offer. This will automatically pre-populate with the default Cookie domain in your system.


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