Facebook Integration

This article will walk you through:

  • Authorizing your Facebook Ads Account
  • Importing Facebook Ads
  • Reporting

Facebook Source - Authorizing

CAKE's Facebook Integration allows a user to authenticate one or many Ad Accounts as a "Source" in CAKE, creating distinct reporting within the Social Channel and allowing for powerful comparisons.

Within the Social Channel, a Facebook Source can be created.  This source is where all your facebook traffic will be attributed.  

On the Facebook tab you will first select the "Authorize" button.  This will prompt you to insert your Facebook Username and Password.  Once you click Finish you will have authorized your Account.

Once your account is Authorized you will then add in the below pieces of information:

  1. Facebook Ad Account ID
  2. Campaign Attribution Parameter (FB campaign ID - this will be added as your campaign 3rd party name)
  3. Creative Attribution Parameter (FB creative ID)
  4. Start date

***The creative attribution parameter will actually reflect CAKE's creative id for the creative file we imported from facebook for that campaign****

Once that information has been added, click "Save".

Facebook Campaign Import

Facebook Campaign Import

Once authenticated, the Ad Account ID is queried through an Import Facebook Campaign Wizard in the CAKE User Interface, allowing the user to indicate which Facebook Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads to create in CAKE.

To import your Facebook campaigns, hover over Channels, then Campaigns, then select Import Facebook Campaigns.

Facebook Campaign Import

Facebook Campaign Import

The source will be your new Facebook source created from step 1.  

The site will be the site within CAKE that you are promoting on Facebook.

Import inactive items will import all facebook campaigns, even if they are inactive.

Use active tracking when possible will place your CAKE links into your facebook ads.  This is the suggested form, which is why it is selected by default. Using CAKE tracking links will allow for more accuracy, as well as allowing you to use our vast rules targeting options within CAKE.

Facebook Campaign Import

All qualifying Facebook Ad Sets will show, allowing you to create a new Site Contract to associate to this particular ad, or will allow you to default to the already existing site contract. Only contracts within the price format of the Facebook Campaign will show here.

Facebook Campaign Import

Next, you will select the Facebook Ads that you would like to set up as Campaigns.  These will be associated to the Site Contracts that were created or selected on the previous step.

Facebook Campaign Import

Select Finish, which will import the Ads, create Contracts and create Campaigns.

Facebook Campaign

CAKE will auto-create a 3rd party name for your Facebook source.  This ID will be the same as your Facebook Campaign ID.


CAKE receives hourly updates from Facebook for reporting.  Facebook allows a 24 hour window for accuracy, and 72 hours for cost accuracy, so stats may change during those hours as Facebook reconciles their reporting.  You will be able to see your Facebook stats within the Social Media Channel.  As with all CAKE reporting, you can drill down into the specific Ads/Creatives.


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