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This article will cover:

  • Channels main tab drop-down
  • Channels subtabs

Channels Drop-down

Channels Drop-down

Hovering over the Channels main tab displays the drop-down list:

Mass Adjustment: Make bulk adjustments to conversions

Brands: Create a new brand card through the Brands subtab.

Offers: Create a new offer card through the Offers subtab.

Sources: Create a new Source card.  

Campaigns: Create a new Campaign card.  

Creatives: Upload Creatives to a specific offer.  

Generate Unique Link: Pull a unique campaign link for any source.

Generate Conversion Pixel: Pull a conversion pixel for any offer.

Pixels: Create a click or impression pixel for a specific campaign.


Channels Subtabs

Channels Subtabs

After clicking the Channels main tab, you will see a set of subtabs on the left:

Stats: See all reporting based on channels, brands, offers, storefronts, campaigns, etc.

Channels: Varies depending on the channels you use. Examples of channels are: Affiliate, Search, Social Media, Shopping, Mobile, Video, Email, Display and Direct.

Brands: Houses the Brand card (Brands may also be known as Advertisers).  

Offers: Offers associated with the brand. Traffic is driven to to offer page(s).

Caps: Review any caps associated with campaigns.

Pixel Log: Review all conversion pixel fires/attempts. This log can be very beneficial when troubleshooting tracking issues.

Applied/Pending: Selecting Applied and/or Pending will show three extra options: Applied Campaigns, Affiliates, Pixels and Account Changes.  These are items that require approval from an admin user.

Recent Activity:  See all recent changes within your instance, along with the user that made the change, and the date the change took place.

Testing: This will show you a list of all test clicks and conversions.



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