Brand Card

This article will cover the Brand card, including the following tabs:

  • Brand card > Home tab and subtab navigation
  • Brand card > Offers
  • Brand card > Events
  • Brand card > Contacts
  • Brand card > Storefront
  • Brand card > Voucher Codes
  • Brand card > History

Brand card > Home

The Home tab of the Brand card displays all basic information about the Brand including the name and Brand ID which is auto-assigned by CAKE. The Brand ID cannot be changed once assigned.

This Home tab houses two subtabs: Info and Tags.

Brand Card > Home > Info

Brand Card > Home > Info

Name: This contains the name of the Brand and cannot be edited at any time.

Status: There are 3 statuses for a Brand: Active, Inactive or Pending. An Active status is the only status of the three that allows traffic to be sent to an offer. The other two, while representing different stages, will prevent any traffic from being sent to an offer.

Manager: This field allows you to associate a specific employee as the manager of this Brand and all offers underneath that Brand.

Brand card > Offers

On the Offers tab, you will see a list of all offers associated to a Brand. The view displays the name, offer verticals, status, preview link (Link), whether the offer is leveraging the SSL feature requiring all pixels to be secure, and creation and expiration dates.

You can search by name, add a new offer and export the list of offers from this tab as well.

Brand card > Events

The Events tab of the Brand card displays all active events. In the left-hand window you can:

1. Add new events by clicking the Add button

2. Click on All Events to see all Inactive events

3. Reorder events by clicking the Order Events button. The three horizontal bars indicate that you can drag the events to reorder them.

Clicking on the event will open up the right-hand display where the event's details can be edited. Changes made here will not be saved unless the Save button is clicked.

Brand card > Storefront

The Storefront tab is the where you'll setup and configure your offers to leverage commerce intelligence.  You can also configure your product feed mapping CAKE to your product catalogue, configure your storefront categories, or create an order reconciliation file.

Brand card > Voucher Codes

When you have Ecommerce enabled, you will see the Voucher Codes tab.  Please see here to read more about Voucher Code setup and implementation.

Brand card > Contacts

The Contacts tab will contain every contact for this Brand. You can add as many contacts per brand as you like here.

In order for a contact to log in to the Brand Portal to view stats and pull pixels, they must have an email address (username) and password.

To add a contact, click the Add Contact button and proceed through the wizard.

Brand card > History

The History tab shows a complete audit trail of any activity pertaining to this Brand. Any notes can be entered in the Notes box. Anything entered here is searchable using the search tool. Below, in the grid, you will see the following columns pertaining to history:

Summary: A brief summary of the action that took place

User: The user that made the edit or took the action. CAKE employees will display as 'Super Admin'.

Date: The date and time of event

Hovering over the yellow note will reveal the specifics of the activity. Exporting this view is the easiest way to search for specific activity records.


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