Adding Storefronts

This document will walk you through adding a Storefront to your Advertiser card for eCommerce.

Adding your Storefront - Advertiser Card

To add a Storefront, open your Advertiser card, and click on the Storefront tab.  From there, click "Add Storefront" in the top right hand corner, then put in the Name and URL of the storefront.  Once that is complete, click save.

What is a storefront?

On the Advertiser card, you will see the “Storefront” tab.  This is the initial section to setup and configure your Offers to leverage Commerce Intelligence.  Under Storefront, you can configure your website or ecommerce site’s product catalog, configure your storefront categories or create an order reconciliation file.

An Advertiser can have single or multiple storefronts.  Your Advertiser might be a large portal site, which has access to multiple ecommerce websites. Each ecommerce website can be configured as a Storefront. Again, CAKE gives you the control on how you’d like to configure your Storefronts.

Now that we have created a Storefront, there are various tabs available so that we can setup your Storefront’s Product Feed. 


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